Carrot and Coriander Soup

This recipe follows the current trend of ‘foods that are quite orangey and look a bit like sick’, although it definitely tastes significantly better. I had a cupboard full of veg that had definitely seen better days (some of it looked like it was trying to escape), so a big batch of soup was definitely in the making. The wonderful thing about soup is that it can revitalise any vegetables past their best, as well as making a decent amount of meals (I got 5 generous bowls out of this) for just a few pennies.

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I’m Harriet, a person who is often hungry, so I thought I’d give other people a glimpse into what I eat, and if I do something fun and exciting, it might just end up on here too.

Breakfast Oat Soak

This is a perfect comfort breakfast for one of those cold, wet and altogether miserable mornings that seem to be happening more often than not these days. Those mornings call for a bowl of something hot, stodgy and delicious to warm you up from the inside out, as my mum would say. Admittedly, this is also a dish that definitely doesn’t photograph in the most appetizing manner!

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