Technical Difficulties!

Like the complete and utter klutz I am, I have managed to both lose to USB cable to connect my camera to my laptop and break my card reader, boo! Consequently, I have a backlog of recipe photos but no ability to use them, which is very frustrating!

However, I’m just going to go old-fashioned (well only kind of, considering this is being written via the internet) and publish all the recipes and leave the finished images up to the imagine. Anyway, I love reading my mum and gran’s old recipe books, before the ages of immaculately styled photographs and step-by-step stages. I like being able to imagine what the finished product should look like just from a description after all, and it’s always good to channel our creative side every so often!

Once I (finally) get a grip and invest in some half decent technology I’ll update the posts with photos, promise!


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