Autumn Breakfast Muffins

As a new season and new term starts, it’s time for a new recipe. I made these in the slight hope of making a dent in the enormous quantity of apples we now have stacked in the garage after a particularly autumnal wind brought them all down from some of the trees in the garden. Even after stewing and pie-ing and eating, it still looks the same! Apples, raisins and a hit of cinnamon make these muffins deliciously seasonal.

These fruit-packed muffins are ideal for when mornings get the better of us and a grab-and-go breakfast is essential. Despite the misleading title, they are also brilliant for lunches as they are a bit more robust than the usual muffin – they can be slung in the bottom of a rucksack for the day and still come out looking like a muffin! Like most muffins, these freeze well and can double up as an ice pack in a little one’s lunchbox, defrosting (hopefully!) just in time for lunch. 

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Cornish Fairings

These are lovely little spiced biscuits made from storecupboard ingredients that are wonderfully easy to make, and definitely even easier to eat! The mixed peel could be swapped for crystallised ginger for an even punchier little nibble with your cup of tea.

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Spring Green Pasta

This is the perfect quick and lazy midweek dinner (let’s excuse the fact it’s a Saturday!) that can be thrown together in the time it takes to cook the pasta. It has both the comforting cheesy stodge and a decent hit of vitamins, all without breaking the bank one bit, and can be easily doubled up for two.

(Excuse the dodgy picture, I was far too eager to get it in my face)

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Carrot and Coriander Soup

This recipe follows the current trend of ‘foods that are quite orangey and look a bit like sick’, although it definitely tastes significantly better. I had a cupboard full of veg that had definitely seen better days (some of it looked like it was trying to escape), so a big batch of soup was definitely in the making. The wonderful thing about soup is that it can revitalise any vegetables past their best, as well as making a decent amount of meals (I got 5 generous bowls out of this) for just a few pennies.

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