Packing my bags – a week in the south-west

Next week I’m disappearing off on a little British adventure to go and visit some friends from university, just because I can (and I’m bored!). First things first, I’m heading back to Cardiff for a few days, my beautiful home from home, then going into the unknown and visiting Devon and Bristol for the rest of the week. It’s safe to say I’m super-duper excited for this, mainly because a) I get to hang with all my uni buddies I haven’t seen since we graduated in July and were released into the big bad world, and b) I get to go to places I’ve never been to before. Just to show how excited I am, I’ve already packed my bag. This is coming from a girl who went to live in France for a month and packed that morning. I’m that excited.

I thought I’d share what I’ve packed for a week of adventuring, just because I like snooping at other people’s stuff so I assume you’re the same, right?


(Apologies for the awful photo quality! I’m using a broken camera lead/cheap pos camera/pure laziness/dark bedroom floor kind of excuse)

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